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My 1st Year in College

After high school I went to college. Taking Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, this was not really my choice it was my parents. I took this course if not they I will not be going to college. So I did what they what me to do. I took this course at Colegio de Santo Nino College in Jasaan, Misamis Oriental. I stayed with my mother’s brother. My parent wanted me to stay in a boarding house but I was not feeling comfortable to live on somebody’s house while I have some relatives who live in the area. I go to a night school. The class starts at 3pm till 9pm.

Living with my relatives was not easy. They are very nice to me it just that the life style was not for me. They have no faucet. I had to go to the river to take my bath, wash my clothes. I had to ask and pay kids to get me water to drink and for me to used to cook my food. Even a situation like this I am still happy, because I was able to spent time with my relatives and even my grand father. He always comes to visit me almost every morning.

In this college I met a lot of new friends. I change a lot, this time I can go along with their jokes. I was become part to a group. When I met my high school colleague they were surprise on the big change on me. My friends used to come to my home in Damilag. Again I become one of the popular people in the campus. I go out with friends that sometimes had skip classes. I was like a bird that set my self free from a cage.

I only took this course only for a year. I like the school and love my new friends but the course was not for me. I am not good in speaking in front of other people. It came to the point that I talked to my parents that I will shift course. So for a surprise they did let me.

I moved to different school and took Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Banking and Finance.

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High School Days

My high school Alma Mater is Holy Cross High School. It is a run by a catholic. During my time the principal and some of the teachers especially for religion teacher was a nun. I spent my 4 year high school in here. I had so much memory. I was one of those home schools, school home student. My father was strict type father. That if for some reason I won’t be able to come on time I will be in a big trouble. Like one time I came home after 6PM he was so mad. I will say I am the one to be blame I should told him in advance that after school I will be attending a Mass.

When I was in elementary grade I used to be honor student but in high school I lost those honors. It was tough because student around the area from different school especially those honor student end up on this school. I still keep a good grade but not enough for dean’s lists.

There were good and bad time. I had an argument with 2 different teachers. My first year Socio teacher who also my classroom adviser was giving me a low grade that I knew I did not deserved that grade. I always active and participate in class did my homework, always past the quizzes and exams. I knew Social studies are not my favorite subject but overall I don’t deserve to get line of 7 grades. I went to talked to her. She was mad because I had the guts to talk to her about my grade. Another one teacher that I had trouble was with my science teacher. It was during our big exams. Of no cheating if incase you get caught a big punishment will happen. One of my classmates keeps asking me something I was ignoring her. Until came to point that it was too much so I answer her question but not related to our exam. My teacher thought that I was giving her the answer. So what he did he took my paper and asked me to lived the classroom. I was terrified. Told him that it was my other classmates fault and wasn’t mine. At that point I thought I will not able to take the exam. Good thing this classmate of mine told him the truth.

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My Elementary Grade

My family and I live in Jasaan Misamis Oriental till I was 8 years old. I went to kindergarten, 1st grade and halfway of my 2nd grade we moved to Damilag, Manolo Fortich, and Bukidnon. For the reason of finding a better living. We had a better life living in Damilag than in Jasaan. At Jasaan almost no jobs are available. Unlike in Damilag, my father was a Del Monte truck driver who transports pineapple fruits around the area. For Filipino life style my family belong to middle class, who can eat at least 3x a day. For my school I went Damilag Elementary school. When I moved to go to this school I was a bit bitchy. I was the center of attention, almost everybody pay attention on me because I used to have a nice long black and straight hair. They keep telling me how nice was my hair. In my class the boys like to touch me whom I did not like it. As pay back I used to stab them with my pen. Till one point my teacher called my parents to talk about it. But time-to-time I get used to it. I always an honor student, but I am not smart in case you might think I am. Just got lucky. I am one of the teachers pet. I remember when one time everybody was outside doing gardening my teacher ask me to stay inside the classroom. Oh boy all my classmates was not happy, because they were under the sun for half day while I was inside the classroom, pretending cleaning. What I can do, teachers love me.I used to walk 4 times a day in going to school. Sometime if got lucky my parents let me bring my lunch. Only once in a blue moon. I get my enough exercise then. If it’s raining out, I love to play on the rain. I graduated year 1989 with an honor of 2nd honorable mention.

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Another New Blog

I been doing blog since December, so far I am having fun. I learn a lot and able to meet new friends. I start making money as well. I have two other blogs but only one is making money right now. Hoping that this 2 new one will start making as well.

I have a full time job. As soon as I get home after we had our dinner kids are all set them it is time for me to set infront the computer. Time flies so fast. Next thing I know time to go to bed.

This blog is all education, lifestyle, and recipes. I am not that great cooking filipino food but I know some not sure if its great but according to others it is. I can cook American foods. I can share to you recipes that I know.

Now hoping that everyone will enjoy ll my entries here. Feel free to leave me any comment. I will be glad hearing from anyone of you.

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